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Optimum Impact Coaching has assisted hundreds of executives, leaders, and emerging leaders in corporations of all sizes increase their presence, so they have greater influence and impact. 


Invest in Yourself

Leadership Presence provides practical strategies designed to help our clients be more self-aware, set smarter goals, and develop action-oriented strategies for success. 

Define Your Next Chapter

Our proven strategies have helped our clients:

  • Increase influence over people and complex situations.

  • Build authentic connections and strong relationships that produce results.

  • Say “no” at times in order to say “yes” to top priorities.

  • Boldly and honestly commit to their greatest desires.

  • Assess the whole picture from the inside out – know yourself, do what matters, communicate intentionally, develop effective relationships, manage your image.

  • Create a career and life plan worthy of your time and financial commitment.

Begin Your Journey

Optimum Impact Coaching’s Leadership Presence can be delivered in-person or virtually.  Customized delivery provides options for full- or half-day sessions or a series of sessions delivered over several months.  The program can be company-sponsored or self-initiated individual coaching.

Chapter Three
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