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Executives receiving coaching from Optimum Impact Coaching.



Partnering with leaders to reach higher levels of personal and professional excellence is at the core of Optimum Impact Coaching’s focus.  We work with executives as well as emerging leaders to develop and sustain leadership habits to achieve their goals as well as the goals of their teams and organizations.

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Consulting partners, Roberta Fiore-Kittell and Dr. Bonnie Maitlen founded Optimum Impact Coaching in 2000.

Roberta’s master level coaching expertise reflects her two decades of executive coaching experience and recognition as one of only seven hundred coaches in the world to achieve Master Certified Coach (MCC) by the International Coaching Federation. Bonnie’s life planning and leadership consulting has taken her to over 30 countries during her career. With Roberta and Bonnie clients get the benefit of a highly skilled professional team with deep expertise and perspectives. Together, they engage best practice approaches to solve leadership and organizational challenges.


In 2019, Kevin Logeman joined Bonnie and Roberta as they considered broadening their offering. Kevin has 20 years of Human Resource experience nationally and globally.  He has lead significant teams and developed leaders in his human resource roles. Together, Roberta, Bonnie, and Kevin founded Optimum Impact.

Vision and Values

Optimum Impact Coaching is passionate about helping executives develop and utilize skills that will build their reputations as effective leaders. They start with recognizing how much organizations value the leaders, our goal is to increase that value exponentially. We value the trust organizations have in our people and processes Having worked with hundreds of leaders and emerging leaders, we have received feedback from our clients and their organizations which recognizes that making subtle adjustments to their approaches has resulted in powerful positive results and insights.

Recognizing the value organizations have for their leaders, our goal is to increase the worth of that valuable resource. Optimum Impact Coaching values the trust that organizations have in our people and our processes. Our values guide us to embrace the diverse group of individuals we serve; to be open and honest, and to always let our integrity and our ethics guide our work.

Our Coaches

Optimum Impact Coaching has assembled a team with significant coaching depth and breadth as well as industry knowledge. The team has successfully coached hundreds of presidents, CEO’s, leaders, and emerging leaders in over 30 countries.


“I am always amazed at the greatness that is found in every individual I coach. Often, they don't see it until it is brought out through the coaching process. Subtle moves make a difference and I often hear that coaching has been transformational.” 


With a commitment to development, Bonnie has gained a reputation for effectively coaching individuals and teams and helping them with breakthrough results.  In a complex and fast-changing business environment, she has inspired leaders and their teams to reach higher levels of personal and professional excellence. 

Bonnie has worked extensively with CEOs, presidents, key leaders, and boards to align talent to business strategies. With experience working in over 34 countries, Bonnie has partnered with organizations to create global initiatives that focus on critical competencies for leaders and their teams.

As Bonnie challenges assumptions and inspires insights, she expands an individual’s understanding of what is possible. Through her coaching and research, Bonnie has developed a deep expertise in interpersonal communication and increasing personal confidence. 

Bonnie has a passion for helping people move beyond what they believe they are capable of doing.


Roberta has taught hundreds of leaders practical strategies to increase trust, credibility and influence in the eyes of others.  She is recognized as a leading executive coach.

With her expertise in executive coaching and leadership development, Roberta helps clients realize sustainable, measurable improvements over time.  She is one of only seven hundred coaches globally to achieve Master Certified Coach (MCC) by the International Coach Federation.  

Roberta co-created a highly researched and validated leadership presence model.  Having accumulated and developed practical tools for coaching leaders has helped give her the reputation as “The Home Depot” of learning tools.

Roberta has earned recognition for her contributions to the coaching practice by attaining Master Certified Coach (MCC) credentials from the International Coach Federation (ICF) – the world’s largest and most widely recognized community of professionally trained coaches.

Roberta loves helping leaders at all levels be at the top of their games personally and professionally.


“I believe an individual’s DNA cannot be changed, but people can learn to shift their behaviors for more successful interactions with others and increased effectiveness.”


“As a coach it is important I help individuals recognize their gifts and put them into productive action.”  


Kevin’s career has been focused on identifying and developing talent in multi-national organizations.  During his decade in human resources, he has created systems that encourage organizational talent within a strong and lasting people strategy.  

With his expertise in talent assessment, Kevin has helped employees identify their best roles and has worked with employers to create cultures that foster the development of these employees.

Kevin is a recognized leader with a flexible leadership approach. He partners with leaders to develop strong learning environments where their employees are able to develop and the organization is able to win from the investment. Kevin has achieved his Masters in Business Administration from Xavier University.  In addition, he has achieved his Executive Coaching Certificate from the Center of Executive Coaching and is a member of the International Federation of Coaches. 

Kevin is driven to help people deliver high-quality results at work while having fun.


Identifying and creating instructional methods that help individuals develop personally and professionally has been a key driver for Dan. After starting his career in education, Dan moved into a corporate role where he spent 20+ years developing training materials, delivering training programs, and managing global projects.

Dan spent several years in Europe project managing a multi-national merger that affected thousands of individuals.  By managing consistent program delivery using a disciplined approach in over 25 countries, the project was recognized by the client as an outstanding success.

Dan has developed tools and processes for managing hundreds of training events for large international projects which maximized efficiencies and increased client satisfaction.

Dan is the author of Values Architect, a personal development tool which helps individuals evaluate their core values.

Dan’s career has been focused on finding ways to help students, clients, and colleagues understand and use their full potential.


“It is rewarding when clients recognize their opportunities and move toward futures they did not know were possible.”

Business building for coaching services provided by Optimum Impact Coaching.
Our People
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