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Leader As Coach teaches leaders how to bring the best out of each member of their team.

By examining and incorporating effective coaching skills, participating leaders will be able to bring out the passion and energy of their team members.

Optimum Impact coaches help develop leaders’ skills to enable them to have effective and productive two-way conversations with their teams.  Leaders will discover how to increase commitment and energize their direct reports.  These techniques are also effective with boss and peers.

Effective leadership demands flexible approaches to challenges. Our training provides leaders with:

  • Insight and awareness of different styles of coaching.

  • An understanding of how to match the most effective style to a situation.

  • An awareness of mindset shifts that will allow leaders to have the difficult and direct conversations that are needed but often avoided to the detriment of the employee and the organization.

The skills Optimum Impact Coaching teaches build competence as well as a culture of respect, growth, and accountability which leads to the team’s success.

Program Delivery

Optimum Impact Coaching's Leader As Coach can be delivered in-person or virtually.  Customized delivery provides options for full- or half-day sessions or a series of sessions delivered over several months.  The courses can be company-sponsored or self-initiated individual coaching.

Leader as coach
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